Tennis Ball Overhead

category: Catching

Rugby Tennis Ball Overhead Catching The aim of the drill is to develop a high ball over head catch with tennis balls.

Rally With 3 Zones

category: Forehand-Drills

3 zones are set on each player's side (Red, Yellow, Green). Player has to hit particular shot according to the opponent's balls placement. If the bal...

Anticipation And Tactical Awareness

category: Rally-Drills

Tennis Anticipation and tactical awareness Rally Drills The court is marked out with cones into areas (e.g. red, amber and green). Players try to ant...

Throw And Catch

category: Coordination-Fun-Games

Tennis Throw and Catch Coordination / Fun Games Players stay on the opposite sites of the net. Player A throws the ball underhand with dominant hand ...

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Wimbledon Warm Ups

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Community Drills

Bounce ball

1. Player are in pairs with a butterfly net and a bucket of red ball2. Player 1 underarm throw the ball over the net to player 2 who attempts to catch...

Backhand scamble

1. Divide the player into teams of two - one court each with a bucket of 10 red balls.2. Designate one team member sa the thrower and one as the hitte...

Forehand scramble

1. Davide the players into teams of two -one court each with a bucket of 10 red balls2. Designate one team member as the throw and one as the hitter B...

Rob the nest

1. The coach place a hoop with 40 red balls on the service box .2. Player place their racquet on the ground (evenly spaced) and approximately 3 metres...