Drills: Cricket

Doubles movement Tennis
Doubles movement
-Player 2 starts with a second serve to advantage court.
Movement Tennis
Coach feeds a long ball across the court Players have to rub
Doubles interception Tennis
Doubles interception
-The players start in regular doubles formations. -
Tennis Football Tennis
Tennis Football
Within each zone, there are approximately four people each wi
Groundstrokes, Inside-out forehands Tennis
Groundstrokes, Inside-out
-Players work on ground strokes and depth, aiming to hit bey
Attack and Intercept Tennis
Attack and Intercept
-Player serves to deuce court towards feeder and comes to th
Mini Tennis 3 Tennis
Mini Tennis 3
2 players volley down the line to groundstrokes (second volley positio
Kick Tennis - Moving net Tennis
Kick Tennis - Moving net
Split the group into three teams. One te
Warm up Around the World Tennis
Warm up Around the World
-Rally with the coach in a round robin system. - On
backhand winner down the line Tennis
backhand winner down the l
Live ball drill Coach position 1 Player starts off i
Tennis Chess Tennis
Tennis Chess
Coach hits a variety of shots including :- li>
Attacking Tennis
- Coach feeds in the ball. - The net player can hit
Total tennis through throwing Tennis
Total tennis through throw
-The players only use the service box and play without racke
Anticipation and reactions Tennis
Anticipation and reactions
Player side steps until the coach drops a ball. <
Forehand Drills Tennis
Forehand Drills
Players 1, 2 and 3 feed a ball underarm high over the net to