Shooting Under Pressure

category: Shooting

Coaching points · The first touch must enable you to run onto the ball and strike it in one continuous movement. · Strike the ball with the laces, ...

Activation - 4V4V4 Possession Game

category: Possession

Soccer Activation - 4v4v4 Possession Game Possession Objective: The team on the outside to retain possession (on outside only) & switch play by combi...

Shoot & Rebound

category: Shooting

Soccer Shoot & Rebound Shooting Groups of six. Four balls per group. Position players as shown in the diagram. Repeat in another area for a total o...


Community Drills

2 v 2 with sides

Pitch is 14m x 14m (maybe smaller if the players are under 12). 2 players from each team is in the middle with a player from each team on opposite sid...