Colour Passing - Heads Up

category: Passing-and-Receiving

Set up different coloured gates around the grid area - the more colours the better.

Players are working in pairs, one player dribbling and t...

Crazy 6 S

category: Conditioned-games

Place 5 discs with soccer balls on them on each end line.

Play 6 v 6 in the area. When the ball rolls out of bounds, it should be rolled in ...

Defending 2 On 1

category: Defending

Player 1 has a ball; the other three balls are placed on discs on the end line.

Player 1 passes the ball to player 3, who must advance the b...

Fa Cup Final

category: Shooting

Position 2 teams of 6 players in opposite corners of the grid and number them from 1 to 6. When the coach calls out a players number that player in...

Web Videos

Hard knock life (soccer edition)

Michigan State Women's soccer team remakes "It's a Hard Knock Life" from the original 1982, Annie movie. All soccer players will understand what its l...


Community Drills

Speed Dribbling

Kids line up behind blue cones, the first player from each line moves forward to the red cone. Then the students must dribble with the ball around all...

Shooting Skittles

30x25m grid2 groups2 goals3 target cones in each goalCones to dribble throughBall each per playerDribble through cones before shootingTry to knock the...

Warm up (10 mins)

Divide players into two equal groups. Attackers have a ball each. The aim of the team in possession is to knock down (put upside down) as many cones a...