Drinks Stations!

category: Dribbling

The coach calls out any of the four directions: Coke, 7 Up, Sprite or Pepsi.

The players must dribble their ball in the direction that the c...

Fun 3S

category: Conditioned-games

The object of the game is to score in the opposing team's goal through interplay of players on the same team. The game should be 3 v 3 with no goal...


category: Dribbling

The object of the game is for player 1 to lose his shadowing partner, player 2. Player 2 must dribble at speed, tracking player 1.

When the ...


Community Drills

Ex 3

- Kick the cones: The kids have to hit the cones by kicking the ball. Once all the cones are down build a "Rocket ship"VARIATION- Hit the co...

Ex 2

- Easy relay: The kids have to run with the ball between the gates and finish the relay shooting

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1. Ball starts at the GK, ball is then rolled out to LB or RB. (LB) in the diagram2. LB with the ball dribbles up the line, while RB takes up a CB po...

Traffic light/Racing cars

Dribble ball in the space avoiding conesGreen light go, Amber toe taps, Red drag back, Racing car dribble as fast as poss ProgressionFlip cones &...