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I'm looking for U8 team coaching ideas?

please feel free to text me or call me with your ideas : 07903 871542 or post a reply below

The best drills to use for coaching U8 are ones that

a) employ a lot of touches and
b) appear as a game.

One of the biggest challenges for this age group and younger is keeping their attention.  By making drills into games, it keeps their attention and encourages them to be competitive with each other.  Almost any drill can be turned into a game by making a point system for successfully doing something (one touch passes, 5 passes in a row, dribbling through a gate, etc.)  One of the most important concepts for young players is ensuring they get as many touches on the ball as possible.  To do this, use drills that consist of small groups of players.  Put players into partners or groups of anywhere from 2 - 8 players to ensure as many touches as possible for every player.

Ditto. Lots of touches,lost of small games and ALL kids love a 1v1 with the chance of a shot at goal :-)

Also try not to spend too much time talking as they'll struggle to understand. Keep things shot and sweet. The most important thing is keeping it fun. If they're having fun then they'll start to learn.

I have introduced a game where you have two teams in each half of a small pitch. up to 5 players remain in their half and one goes over to the opponents half (usually one of your defenders). the aim of the game is to keep the ball in your half for as long as possible whilst the opposition player in that half tries to tackle and get the ball back into his team's half. Teams get 5 points for every minute they retain the ball in their half. To add prgression or if one team is dominating the ball i start to add more one or two more balls (especially if you have more players).

The kids love it because its competitive, and it gives a great work out for attackers and defenders. My lads' passing has really come on in the last three weeks of doing this, and their retention of the ball is so much better. Whilst the defenders are much sharper too

That sounds like a great one. I have used a similar one where you have the two teams and everyone is given a number. Whenever the coach shouts a number the player with that number from each team have to cross in to the opponents half and win the ball back. The first team to make 5 passes wins (unless the defender gets the ball back) This is very competitive and the boys don't realise they are getting a great work out too.

i think at this age group the key is letting them play with both feet, i have always drilled this into my kids from under 8s and they are now under 12s and are all at county level. play gamesuch as tails and dribbling and dont push the kids into one position, my keeper at 8 was scouted for two big clubs and now plays mid field, let them learn differnt positions,

hey Steve I'm looking for some excersises to teach the boys to use both feet. Could you give some examples, they're U8's, thanks.

*exercises (sorry, it's late)

ok what is your email address oplease?

Hi Barrie and Steve, just a quick pointer, you can add attachments to your answers using the "Add Attachment" button. This appears underneath when you're typing an answer.

You can use this to attach drills from Sportplan, include your chalkboard sketches or even lesson plans.

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