1V1 Finishing

category: Shooting

Soccer 1v1 Finishing Shooting Every other player in each line has a ball. The ball is played into space so that the attacking player can take the b...

1V1 - First Touch And Striker Accuracy

category: Shooting

Soccer 1v1 - First touch and Striker Accuracy Shooting Set up two lines of players as show in the image, about 30m from the goals. The first player...

Four Goal Soccer

category: Shooting

Soccer Four Goal Soccer Shooting Play small sided game in a suitable area (e.g half field 6v6). Two teams ... Number Shooting - 1v1 Drill Thumbnail...

Control And Shoot - Simple Pairs Drill

category: Shooting

Soccer Control and Shoot - simple pairs drill Shooting Player 2 plays an in field pass to player 1 and then follows their ... Number Shooting - 1v1...

1 Touch Shooting

category: Shooting

Soccer 1 Touch Shooting Shooting Position players in groups of 4 as shown in the diagram. Repeat in ... 1v1 - First touch and Striker Accuracy Dril...

1St Touch Shooting

category: Shooting

Soccer 1st touch shooting Shooting Encouraging 1st time shooting by using the correct technique to ... 1v1 - First touch and Striker Accuracy Drill...

Community Drills

1v1 shooting

Shooting under pressureDribbling away from the defenderpracticing shootin in a game situation

1v1 Shooting Drill

Setup:Set cones in the shape of a diamond about 20 yards from goal. Each cone about 12 yards apart. Adjust the size based on the age and skill level o...