Over Arm Throw (Side View)

category: Skills

Rounders Over arm throw (side view) Skills Players work in pairs throwing, the ball to each other. far, further, overarm, strong, technique, throw, t...

Overhead Throw

category: Skills

Rounders Overhead throw Skills Player work in pairs, throwing the ball to each other. distance, over arm, overarm, power, technique, throw, throwing.

Under Arm Throw

category: Skills

Rounders Under arm throw Skills In pairs throw the ball under arm at each other . The under arm throw is used for short distances.

Throwing Technique Stage 1A

category: Skills

Rounders Throwing technique stage 1a Skills In 2's both on one knee – opposite knee down to allow hip to come ... Over arm throw (side view) Drill ...

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Main Session

Introductory activity: Pupils in 4's, 1 ball between them. Pupils throw the ball to each other. Do this for underarm throw and underarm catching (...