Team Dribble - Points Game

category: 218-dribbling-defence-of-dribbling

In this game there are more attackers than defenders. The aim for the attackers is to dribble from one line to the other without being dispossessed. E...

Passing Game

category: 115-ballskill-activities

One player stands about 2-3 meters in front of the other players. This player is the feeder for their group and passes to the other players. Once a pl...

Team Defence - Both Sides

category: 548-6-0-defence

The two blue players stood on the wings of the court both have several balls at their feet and take it in turns to throw the ball into the central pla...

Mini Handball

category: 219-supporting-team-mates-blocking-attackers

Two teams, each with goalkeepers, play across a half-court sized pitch. Play with normal rules.

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