Get Past Your Man!

category: 217-shooting-defend-shooting

Handball Get past your man! 217 shooting/defend shooting Attackers take it in turns to dribble towards the defender and take them on in a 1 vs 1. 1 v...

1 Vs 1 - Beat Your Man

category: 539-fast-throw-off

Handball 1 vs 1 - Beat your man 539 fast throw-off Player 1 acts as the feeder in ... and then runs on to try and get past the defender stood near th...

Try To Get Past - Libero Support In Defence

category: 545-3-2-1-defence

Handball Try to get past - Libero support in defence 545 3:2:1 defence Three defending players, lined up outside your shooting circle, one feeder sto...

543 Defence : Man-To-Man

category: 543-defence-man-to-man

Handball 543 defence : man-to-man 543 defence : man-to-man Positions : One libero stays between 6 and 9 meters to help in case of emergency. Rest of ...

533 Attacking Against Man-To-Man Defence

category: 533-attacking-against-man-to-man-defence

Handball 533 attacking against man-to-man defence 533 attacking against man-to-man defence Three back court players are defended man-to-man. * Positi...

1V1 With Libero Support

category: 545-3-2-1-defence

Handball 1v1 with libero support 545 3:2:1 defence Blue 1 is the feeder in this drill and alternates the pass left-right. Upon receiving the pass blu...

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