562 Shooting Wing Player

category: 562-shooting-wing-player

Pass B3-B2, W1 steps forward to B1.B1 makes body contact with W1, feinst as if to break through the center, but goes the other way.Pass B2-B1 who thro...

Warming-Up : Come Forward-Pass-Go Back

category: warming-up

Run forward and pass.B1 starts the exercise, B6 puts down the balls and start the exercise from his side afterwards.variations in passing :- (center s...

Warming-Up : Keep The Straight Passing Line

category: warming-up

variations in passing :- (center shot with pressure into the direction of the goal), threatening to throw at the goal- (center shot with pressure into...

Fake Your Way Past

category: 321-pass-shot-feinting(dummy)

Run forward at full speed to receive the pass. As you approach the defender drop the shoulder in the direction which you are pretending to pass (drop ...

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