Dish Shape

category: Key-1-Body-Conditioning

Gymnastics Dish Shape Key 1 Body Conditioning Long sit, bringing arms past the ears, lie back to form the 'dish shape'. Return to long sit.

Body Conditioning. Shapes

category: Key-3-Body-conditioning

Gymnastics Body conditioning. Shapes Key 3 Body conditioning Move between Tuck Lie to Long Lie to Straddle Lie.

Dish Rolling

category: Key-1-Body-Conditioning

Gymnastics Dish Rolling Key 1 Body Conditioning keep dish tense initiate roll with shoulder twist 'wriggle' roll around hips keep the shapes: dish ar...

Linking Dish Shape Through Tuck To 180 Twist

category: Key-2-Body-Condition-Linkage

Gymnastics Linking Dish Shape through Tuck to 180 Twist Key 2 Body Condition Linkage Starting in the long sit move into the Dish Shape. Move the knee...

Pike Shape Jump From Trampette.

category: Key-4-Content-Trampette-Pike

Gymnastics Pike Shape Jump from Trampette. Key 4 Content Trampette Pike A fast approach run up. Eyes focus upon the trampette. A long hurdle step.

Web Videos

Basic gymnastics shapes

Gym for a grin - sharing the sport of gymnastics. In this video we show you some basic gymnastics shapes.

Gymnastics shapes, paul

Basic body shapes are an important part of all gymnastics programming. Body awareness and control should be the cornerstone of any fitness or athletic...


KS2: Part 1. Jumping and Straddle Roll

This dynamic session will teach your gymnasts how to jump from apparatus with twists, as well as how to straddle forward roll on and off apparatus.