Colour Passing - Heads Up

category: Passing-and-Receiving

Football Colour Passing - Heads up Passing and Receiving Set up different coloured gates around the grid area - the more colours the better. Players ...

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Only Square Passes

category: Passing-and-Receiving

Soccer Only Square Passes Passing and Receiving Set up a minimum of 4 pairs of cones in a straight line and ... Soccer Drill Demonstration ... Corner...

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Heading Confidence - Part I

Starting in pairs in this session we work on Heading Confidence, Accuracy and Hand-Eye coordination required for throw ins


Community Drills

Vjezba FO

taking the ball with the inner side of the footcoordination

Vjezba FU

taking the balldifferent methodscoordination

Eye-foot Coordination Fun Game

Players divided to two groups. Colored cones are placed inforont of the groups.RED CONE-OPEN LEGSWHITE CONE-BALANCE ON RIGHT FOOTBLUE CONE-BALANCE ON ...