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Ball Retrieve Fitness

category: Running-between-the-wickets

  1. Player 1 starts on the middle cone, and aims to collect all 4 balls in as quickly as possible. Player must go out to retrieve the ball and ba...

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Working Your Wicket Keeper

The wicket keeper is always in the game - make sure they're up to the test with this keeping skills session!


Community Drills

Blues Agility Fitness Fielding

Agility over 10-20 metres between poles. From black cone, sprint towards coach - field it and throw back to mitt. Continue around pole (blue) and run ...

Lateral ladder drill

This drill is for agility, set up a ladder then following the diagram jogging knee high step with the left foot being number 1 into the ladder square ...

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Running Catch relayPlayers display speed and agilityCatch while on the moveQuick underarm release for initial thrower to catch

Fitness - Circuit

Exercise: Red cone - Press ups green cone - dead bugs orange cone - bear crawl black cone - burpees with a press up (Bastards) yellow cone - leg throw...