Set Shot Technique - No Basket

category: Shooting-Techniques

Basketball Set shot technique - No basket Shooting Techniques To perfect the set shot let's start without the basket. The hand should start cocked ba...

Basketball Hook Shot Shooting Hook Shot: one-handed shot in an arc above the player's head whilst they are standing perpendicular to the basket. The ...

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Competitive Session - Shooting and Rebounding! ... Coaching the Basics of Basketball ... Skills covered include Shooting, Dribbling, Ball Handling, P...


Dribbling, Shooting and Games Session

Bring a lot of energy to your session with this fun races and games session - including the Cone head balance game, Knockout and Basketball Rounders!


Shooting and Rebounding

Get your players scoring with a flick of the wrist and a swish of the net with this week's correct technique session