Tennis Drill Demonstration


  • Players stands close to the net.
  • Coach feeds a lob ball. Player hits overhead to the ad side and quickly runs to the net (deuce side).
  • Coach feeds another ball to the deuce side. Player finishes with forehand stop volley down the line.

Coaching points

  • In this drill player works on overhead connected with stop volley.
  • After hitting overhead many players stay in the same spot which is a big mistake so the coach should explain to players that after the overhead they want to get back to the offensive position at the net.
  • Following to the net and taking a good tactical position, creates the opportunity to win the point in easy manner.
  • The stop volley is the best option to use for the 2nd volley as the opponent will be out of postition from responding to the overhead.
  • For more advanced players coach can give more difficult balls or set proper zones to hit both shots.

Drill tags: hit follow volley smash

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