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1st touch shooting | Shooting
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1st touch shoot.. / Shooting

1v1 - First touch and Striker Accuracy | Shooting
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1v1 - First tou.. / Shooting

Dribble, Drive and Strike | Shooting
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Dribble, Drive .. / Shooting

Control and Shoot - simple pairs drill | Shooting
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Control and Sho.. / Shooting

Passing through area | Possession
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Passing through.. / Possession

Passing and Receiving | Possession
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Passing and Rec.. / Possession

Toe Taps and Exterior left | Dribbling
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Toe Taps and Ex.. / Dribbling

Figure of 8 | Dribbling
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Figure of 8 / Dribbling

2 back 1 forward free dribble | Dribbling
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2 back 1 forwar.. / Dribbling

Short Play | Possession
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Short Play / Possession

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Football sessions of the week

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Football Lesson Plan:
Keeping Possession

Reduce the turnovers and get your team working up the field by keeping possession and building attacks by selecting the right pass.

Preview Plan

Football Lesson Plan:
Playing the Ball Out From the Back

The ?modern way? is to play out from the back. To be able to do it successfully though, you need your defenders to be comfortable on the ball when looking to pass, dribble and scan the pitch.

Preview Plan

Football Lesson Plan:
Channelling the opposition

Develop your defenders understanding of how to channel the attackers away from danger areas to slow down attacks and isolate the opposition players.

Preview Plan

Football Lesson Plan:
Junior Defending - Making sure all players are covered

Teach all your players how to stand up and resist the temptation to dive in. Instead jockey players and wait for the right moment to make the interception!

Preview Plan

Football Lesson Plan:
Working as a Defensive Unit

Drum in the defensive roles and responsibilities of your players and make sure they understand what you want from them in order to win the ball back and turn defence into attack.

Preview Plan

Football Lesson Plan:
Creating Space in the Midfield

Develop your players understanding of space and how their movement (or even lack of at times) can create space to play in the midfield.

Preview Plan

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