Volleyball Drill Demonstration


Divide team into two teams.

Servers attempt to serve with a purpose (varying targets).

Passers attempt to get out of the drill by passing a "3" or "2" on serve receive attempt.

Servers stay on their side serving until passers get out of drill.

Passer goes to target, target goes to waiting line, waiting line fills in spot vacated by last passer.

Coaching points

Servers serve "with purpose".  They attempt to vary their serves, move the passers around, serve long and short, purposefully pick a zone, and work on their serving technique.  While servers should attempt to stay on the edge of their physical and technical capabilities, at some point this is also a serve receive drill and servers must get balls in the court.

Passers must face the server; be in good athletic posture; communicate who has what seams on court; communicate when the ball is in the air, who has the ball, and if the ball is in or out; beat the ball to the spot; use their platform angle to get ball to target; hold their platform finish.


Many variations, depending on what is most important for the team.

Attempts - Passers get out of the drill when passing XX number of "3" or "2" passes to target.  The number of attempts it takes to get to that target number is the score for the side.  Once the target number is reached, servers become passers and attempt to get to the target number in fewer attempts.

Scores - Servers serve a set number of serves.  Servers score when they ace or force the passers to pass a "1" or a "0".  Passers score when they pass a "3" or a "2" and when the servers commit a service error.  After both teams get a turn at servers and passers, total scores are tallied and compared to determine a winning side.

Created by Harry, Volleyball Coach, United States of America

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