Wolf Pack

category: Defending

Soccer Wolf Pack Defending The players each have a ball. On the coaches command the defending team comes in to the area and tries to kick all of th...

6 Vs 2 Invasion Game

category: Defending

Soccer 6 vs 2 Invasion Game Defending High Intensity drill This a 6 vs 2 invasion ... Start with 6 players in each of the two end areas. ... 1 vs 2...

Transition Game

category: Conditioned-games

Soccer Transition Game Conditioned games Station four players in each grid, with one ball per practice. The white team start with possession of the...

Defensive Unit Work

category: Defending

Soccer Defensive Unit Work Defending This drill encourages players to work together in a Defensive unit and is especially relevant for midfield pla...

Web Videos

Soccer coaching defensive shape game

www.edgeofplay.com is a FREE football/soccer coaching website with hundreds of videos & resources! This session works your players as a defensive unit...


Transition Play

To develop and enhance players knowledge and understanding of transition play from attack - defence, and defence - attack.