2 Steps Forward, One Step Back

category: Agility

Player takes 2 footed calf springs along the ladder.

He jumps forward two rungs, and then back one, all the way to the end


category: Agility

One leg hop in each rung


category: Agility

Start with both feet inside one of the rungs and jump both feet outside the ladder (so the ladder is between both feet) then jump with both feet insid...

Hurdle Zip Zag

category: Agility

Set hurdles out in a ziz zag pattern, and get players to do a two footed jump over each hurdle.

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Community Drills

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Stand in a circle and do a static stretch warm down, ending in the Phyzz Ed Sportz war cry.- Explain the benefits of stretching, i.e. less injury, rel...

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The cool down after the session is very important, to prevent injury and also let your muscles relax after an intense workout. It should consists of a...

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I will be starting the warm up with a pulse raiser which will be a slow jog around the marker cones set, after approximately 30 seconds the students w...