Back Stop Reaction Drill

category: Back-Stop

Set Up:

4 players - bowler, batter, back stop, and 1st post. Rounders balls, post, cones.

The Drill:

Bounce Pass Reaction Catch

category: Throwing-Catching

Players work in pairs for this exercise, with one ball between two.

Players take it in turns to bounce pass the ball at each other for the o...

Circle Ball

category: Conditioned-games

1 catcher, 5 attackers, and 3 defenders. Cones, tennis ball or rounders ball.

There are always more attackers than defenders.

Catcher s...

Circle Reactions Game

category: Ground-Fielding

Players stand in a circle with 1 or 2 balls (there are 2 in the video).

They have to throw the ball to each other and every time one of them...

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Catching consistency! Skills and Games

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