545 3:2:1 Defence

category: 545-3-2-1-defence

Handball 545 3:2:1 defence 545 3:2:1 defence Pass B3-B1 who duels with R1. After duel B2 starts for the fast break and goes to queue of R1.

Conditioned Game

category: 545-3-2-1-defence

Handball Conditioned game 545 3:2:1 defence Use this conditioned game on a half court with your team. The defending side will have 6 players plus a ...

Devils Advocate - Attack Vs Defence

category: 545-3-2-1-defence

Handball Devils Advocate - Attack vs Defence 545 3:2:1 defence In this drill blue 2 is the feeder (devil's advocate). Their job is to pass the ball i...

Try To Get Past - Libero Support In Defence

category: 545-3-2-1-defence

Handball Try to get past - Libero support in defence 545 3:2:1 defence Three defending players, lined up outside your shooting circle, one feeder sto...

Web Videos

3-2-1 defence by marko sibila

The EHF CAN is pleased to announce that the EHF teaching videos are now available on youtube in the following categories: 1. Minihandball 2. Basic Han...


3:2:1 Defensive Setup Session

Get your players creating defensive triangles and closing down the attacking dangers with this week's defensive system session