Body Conditioning. Pike Sit

category: Key-1-Body-Conditioning

Gymnastics Body Conditioning. Pike Sit Key 1 Body Conditioning Gymnasts sit, extend arms through the horizontal, over head to touch feet.

Pike Sitting Base

category: Key-5-2-Balances-and-Bases

Gymnastics Pike Sitting Base Key 5 2 Balances and Bases One of the pair becomes a "Static object" and/or a means of support for the other partner by ...

Forward Roll Through Pike. Progression 9

category: Key-1-Content-Forward-roll

Gymnastics Forward Roll through pike. Progression 9 Key 1 Content Forward roll Starting in squat position complete forward roll with legs extended an...

Sitting Shapes

category: Key-3-Body-conditioning

  • Move from Long Sit to Pike Sit to Tuck Sit to Straddle Sit

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