High Bar Tucks

category: Key-4-Body-conditioning

Hang from the bar using an over grasp.Raise Knees to chestKeep back vertical Repeat

High Bar Horizontal Tucks

category: Key-4-Body-conditioning

Use over grasp and raise hips until the back is horizontal and knees are on chest in tuck position.Lower and repeat.

High Bar Straddle

category: Key-4-Body-conditioning

Hang from the bar using an over grasp grip.Raise feet to bar parting the feet to form a straddle shape.Lower and repeat.

Bridge Exits.

category: C-Walk-Overs-Backwards

Kick up to handstand against wall bars placing hands near to wall.Lower hips and exit with backward step.

Wheel Barrow Rotation

category: Key-4-Body-conditioning

Gymnast starts in long lie position.Partner grasps thighs above the knee and holds gymnast in wheel barrow position.With co-operation the gymnast rais...

Supported Back Raise

category: Key-4-Body-conditioning

Gymnast starts with pelvis on horse with partner holding the legs securely.With hands on head the gymnast rises until the body is in a straight line.R...

Web Videos

Bar basics (steven miller)

Bar Basics Clinic given by Steven Miller formerly of IGI at Lake Owen Gymnastics Camp (Summer 2011) He shares drills designed to help with kips, glide...