Headers And Volleys

category: Shooting

Football Headers and Volleys Shooting The first attacking player runs into the box, towards the penalty spot. As the ... Number Shooting - 1v1 Drill ...

Shooting From Range Game

category: Shooting

Football Shooting from range game Shooting This game can be played with almost any number of players. In this game the pitch is 50 metres long, split...

Number Shooting - 1V1

category: Shooting

Number 2 groups of players from 1-5 and get them to stand on either side of the goal.

  1. Call a number. The two players (one from each si...

1 Touch Shooting

category: Shooting

Football 1 Touch Shooting Shooting Position players in groups of 4 as shown in the diagram. Repeat in 2 other areas for a total of 12 players. The se...

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