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Coach feeds easy ball to the deuce side. Player executes forehand drop shot down the line and moves forward. Coach feeds another ball to the deuce side. Player hits forehand volley lob cross-court over the coach.

Coaching points

In this drill, Player works on using the drop shot to develop a tactical advantage. Player has to understand that an easy ball can be used to hit a well-placed drop shot to be in the position to win the point with the next shot. Many opponents are not skilled enough with responding to drop shots so we can expect error from them or at least a really easy response. That is why it is crucial as a coach to make players aware that after a drop shot, moving to the net creates additional pressure on the opponent and put the player in a good position for the next shot. If opponent hits the ball back, Player's position allows them to hit an easy lob over the opponent and win the point. Coach can set target zones to make players work on their placement or make it more competitive and play the point out after drop shot.

Drill tags: control, dropshot, lob, movement, positioning, tennis, volley

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