Tennis Drill Demonstration



  • Player serves wide from the deuce side.
  • Coach throws a short and high ball to the deuce side.
  • Player moves forward and hits an offensive forehand drive volley to the center of the court.

Coaching points

  • Player works on using opportunity to finish the point after good serve.
  • Opening the court with wide serve creates many possibilities to dominate the rally so players should put a lot of effort to make this serve a strength.
  • After a good serve player has to be ready to react to short ball and if the ball is high enough, it is a good option to use forehand drive volley.
  • Player has to remember that while using a lot of power she should aim at a big target on the court so the center area is a good solution.
  • It is possible that the opponent will pick the side and run to one of the corners so hitting through the center can also bring easy winners.


Drill tags: serve and forehand volley finish

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