Tennis Drill Demonstration


  • Coach feeds balls to the ad side.
  • Player alternates hitting a backhand slice cross-court and an inside out topspin forehand .

Coaching points

  • In this drill the player works on a tactical approach to hitting into opponent’s backhand.
  • Knowing that opponents usually have a weaker backhand, implementing different strokes in this direction is a good tactic to force opponents into mistakes.
  • Using a backhand slice and an  offensive inside out forehand, the player is able to force the opponent to go for a riskier down the line shot because it will be really difficult to play against these balls with a controlled cross-court shot.
  • For more advanced players, the coach can set up different zones and make the player aim closer to the baseline or closer to the sideline to open the court up for the next shot.

Drill tags: tactical domination from the ad side

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