Tennis Drill Demonstration


Players are working in threes with player 1 in a full-court and players 2 and 3 in the forehand and backhand corners respectively.

Player 1 is hitting running drives, 1 forehand cross followed by 1 backhand cross.

Player 2 is hitting a forehand line, and player 3 a backhand line.

The pattern is played in this way for up to 3 minutes depending on the level of fitness of player 1.

Coaching points

Even though players 2 and 3 are feeding, they must look to hit the ball aggressively with care down the lines, player 1 must be under pressure for this drill to work successfully.

Player 1 should try not to slice to defend if they can, they must attempt to hit running forehands and backhands as normal, going all the way out to complete the shots before running to the opposite corner.


This drill is physically demanding on player 1 who is continuously moving from corner to corner.

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