Tennis Drill Demonstration


  • Coach feeds balls to the deuce side.
  • Player alternates hitting deep forehand cross-court and forehand angle cross-court.

Coaching points

  • Deep forehands should be played with good clearance over the net but they should also include significant power. The goal of this shot is to force opponent to move back and make him miss or deliver easy ball.
  • The angle cross-court has to be played definitely with more spin that can be achieved by using more wrist with the shot.
  • This technical adaptation guarantees shorter depth but at the same time provides good angle that will lead ball outside the sideline.
  • The objective of this shot is to open the court for the next attempt. 


  • For more advanced players coach can give permission to player according to the shot selection that is based on the type of the ball received.

Drill tags: forehand, deep, cross-court, rally

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