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Coach stands close to the net and feeds balls close to the net on the player's side of the court to mimic a drop shot.

Starting at the baseline the player has to run and hit a return drop shot down the line. Cones should be set out to give the player a target to aim for.

Coaching points

Many players practice hitting a drop shot but they don't spend enough time on learning how to return an opponent's drop shot.

Running from the baseline to the net and hitting with control are skills, just like any other, that have to be trained consistently.

In this exercise, the player responds to an opponent's shot with drop shot down the line. This direction is dictated by tactical positioning at the net by your opponent. Knowing how to hit a down the line drop shot will help players get back into position quick enough to be able to hit the next shot.

Drill tags: backhand, drop shot, movement, net play

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