Tennis Drill Demonstration


  • Coach stays behind the service line and feeds shorter ball to player's forehand.
  • Player hits forehand half-volley back to coach in down the line direction and moves forward.
  • Coach hits the ball in cross-court direction using volley.
  • Player finishes set with deep backhand volley down the line.

Coaching points

In this drill player improves half-volleys and regular volleys. As with any other skill big number of repetitions is needed to get confidence with volleys skills and obtain high level of control with shots played out of the air. By involving own person into the drill coach not only positively impacts player's motivation but also makes the whole drill much more effective. Changing pace and placement of own shots is a big opportunity for coach to challenge player more and see how he can respond to difficult situation. These mental and tactical skills can decide whether player will win or lose the match so that is why coach should emphasize development of these skills during every practice session.

Drill tags: approach, drop shot, footwork, movement, tennis

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