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Approach and Win at the Net Session Thumbnail
Approach and Win at the Net

Keep your opponents guessing by mixing up when you approach the net. Use this session to teach your players about the tactical opportunities available when in close at the net!

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Coach feeds easy ball to the backhand side. Player hits backhand cross court (approach shot) and moves forward. Coach hits the ball back to make player respond with backhand cross court volley. Coach hits again and player has to finish with forehand cross court volley.

Coaching points

This exercise is demanding because the player has less time to react and take their proper position (coach at the net). Coach has to emphasise consistency within first 2 shots (approach shot/first volley) to have an opportunity to finish the point while being in a good position. This scenario is clearly visible among professional players who make deep volleys from the service line to get a time to come to the net and finish from the better spot.

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