Tennis: Kick wide + Forehand inside in

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Player A executes wide kick serve from the ad side. Player B hits backhand return cross court. Player A runs around and hits offensive forehand inside in.

Drill specifications:

1 repetition per set

To make this drill really dynamic players should switch after one point at the serving side. Returning players can switch after few points to guarantee good consistency and more opportunities for the servers to work on the pattern. Waiting players should perform specific footwork drills focused on the running around the backhand to improve this aspect while hitting after the serve.


Serving from deuce or ad side creates different tactical opportunities for the player. Understanding what can bring the best tactical effects is the first step to use the serve to create the offensive situation. At ad in or ad out scores players serve from the backhand side so it is important that they feel comfortable and they have a plan on how to win the point. Building patterns gives players a sense of control so they don’t have to make quick decisions because they know what to play next. Implementing forehands inside in and inside out is the modern weapon that top professionals execute and it can be used effectively at all levels of performance.


In this drill players work on offensive tactical pattern based on wide kick serve from the ad side. Applying sidespin and topspin to the serve creates a kick effect that has an unconventional bounce especially on a clay court but it is also really effective on harder surfaces. After the contact with the court ball bounces really high and turns to the left side of the returner so his control over the shot is limited. Knowing that players should use this tactical serve because they can easily predict what kind of ball they will receive. Most of the times it will be cross-court ball (or even to the middle) so it is a great opportunity to dominate the point right after the serve. Running around the backhand and hitting forehand inside in is an option that all offensive-minded players should try to execute to put more pressure on the opponent. Coach has to remind players to be active with their feet and make many adjustment steps to take the most of this shot. The common mistake of many players while hitting forehand inside in is inadequate footwork so they are still moving to the side while contacting the ball. Sometimes good return forces to hit and move at the same time but most often players should stop before the hit and move all body forward to transfer the energy into the ball.



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