Tennis: Follow the angle

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Coach feeds the ball to the player. Player hits an angle shot and runs to the net. Coach hits the ball back. Player finishes with the shot in the air.

Drill specifications:

1 repetition per set

2 players can work on this pattern at the same time so players should switch after one repetition. Because moving to the net requires quick movement players should perform some sprinting exercises to work on speed and anaerobic endurance.


Early recognition of effectiveness of our shot is a key to get advantage during the point and increase own chances for winning it. Angle shots are perfect weapons to open the court and put the opponent into a really difficult situation but this shot just prepares the opportunity to win the point so players have to be aware of different tactical possibilities after the successful angle shot. Moving to the net is one of the options that players should execute after putting the opponent outside of the alley. In this scenario moving to the net gives us an opportunity to easily direct the ball to the open court as also it forces the opponent to take more risk on their shot.

In this drill players work on adding surprising element into a tactical pattern. Coming to the net after an effective angle shot is a weapon that all players can execute successfully. From our perspective moving to the net gives us an opportunity to hit the ball in the air and focus just on control to win the point by playing into the open area. Coach has to remind players that they have to sprint to the net because position too far from the net opens too many options for the opponent to hit a successful passing shot. From the rival’s perspective player who is coming to the net puts a lot of pressure so rival knows that the point comes to an end. That’s why opponent has to take a lot of risk and aim for a winner or really forcing shot to stay in the point. It increases the chances for making a mistake so the net player has a tactical advantage in this situation.



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