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The coach rallies with a player using only forehand cross-court shots. The player tries to hit the target (Gymnastic ball). If she makes it she gets a tennis ball which she tries to throw into the cones with a service motion.

Coaching points

Working with kids is a difficult task because we have to create drills that are interesting, and effective. With older players the job is easier because they can focus, and maintain motivation for a long time. Kids' attention is much shorter so we have to perform activities that will let them have a good time, and improve many skills that will help in the future development.

In this drill, the player works on placement, and coordination. First goal is to maintain the rally, and hit the ball into the target. That's why we use a big target to keep the success rate quite high. If the player hits the target she unlocks the tennis ball. While having a ball in hand, the player tries to perform a correct service motion, and place the ball into the targets (cones). This exercise helps kids to work on many aspects at the same time, and it can be performed for a longer time because it is interesting.

Drill tags: coordination, forehand, groundstroke, movement, placement

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