Tennis Drill Demonstration


Set up as shown with three cones close to the net, with these cones being the player's target on their second shot. Player and coach stand at the net, and the coach feeds the ball to the forehand side.

The Player hits a forehand volley to the coach who then hits it back to the backhand side, where the player must react quickly to backhand drop volley the ball cross-court, aiming to get the ball in between the three cones.

Coaching points

It is quite uncommon for a point to finish with one volley, so players should always practice a combination of at least two shots. Reaction at the net is extremely important, so the coach's position will make the drill extremely effective as the player has less time to react. In this particular exercise, the player works on control, placement and different depths of their volleys.

The first volley should be aimed towards the baseline while the second one should bounce as close to the net as possible.


The coach can mix things up by hitting balls at different heights and speeds to challenge the player.

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