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Coach feeds 3 balls to 'deuce' side, 3 balls to the centre and 3 balls to 'ad' side. Coach uses deep, medium and short balls. Player hits all the balls deep to the 'ad' corner.

Coaching points

No players will use any strategy until they feel confident with the shots that are necessary to execute this pattern. That's why Coach should always work on the consistency and placement of individual strokes to make sure that players feel confident and have enough experience with each given stroke. It is important to work on the forehand and backhand from different areas of the court because too many times, players do everything on the baseline at a comfortable distance to the fed ball. However, during the match, Player has to move to the ball and hit from uncomfortable positions; so Coach should imitate these situations and change their own form of delivering balls.

Coaching Points

In this drill, Player works on their placement and consistency. To build any strategy, Player has to possess solid skills to be able to execute it effectively. Being able to hit balls deep from different spots on the court is priority; without good placement and consistency it is impossible to be a dangerous tennis player who pushes opponents into defensive positions. Coach can vary the goal of this drill according to ability – for beginners, coach should pay attention to technical details and many good repetitions; for more advanced players, coach can give specific number of good shots to reach or can vary the distances randomly to incorporate reaction skills.

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