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Fun session for kids Session Thumbnail
Fun session for kids

Use this fun session to keep your younger players in love with Tennis, whilst learning the basic skills!

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Each player has 2 racquets and the players rally together. Each player has to catch the ball between the racquets before the ball is hit back.

Coaching points

Coordination and ball perception are 2 crucial skills that are responsible for players development's pace. If the players focus entirely on racquet skills, it is impossible that they are going to play really well in the future. Incorporating specific drills that are based on different physical abilities will have a positive impact on young players learning path.

In this drill, players work on coordination and ball perception. To catch the ball, players have to see where the ball is going and properly position themselves. This simple exercise will not only develop visual abilities but it will also create a better sense of proper positioning before the shot that is necessary when the kids are progressing to the regular court and balls.

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