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Lateral Defending - Stopping Sanchez! Session Thumbnail
Lateral Defending - Stopping Sanchez!

Use this session to teach your players how to defend against speedy strikers by holding them up, with a second defender offering cover.

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Red player 1 stands on the red cone closest to the blue player.

When red 1 is ready they should run and tag red player 2. Red player 2 can try to win the ball once tagged.

The blue player then plays the ball towards red player 1 who receives the ball on the move.

Red 1 can choose to lay the ball back to Blue 1 or turn and try to score a goal by passing or running the ball through the goal where red 2 started.

Coaching points

Red players 1 and 2 swap after red 2 wins the ball.

Red players must move with aggression and determination.

Encourage movement towards other spots, not just back and forth, anything to shake off defender and become available for the pass.

To condition, make the other red player an active defender. To condition, limit the amount of touches throughout the drill, ending with one-touch passing

To condition, the blue player can play a lofted pass that the red player has to control/

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