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In between shooting drills when changing from one to the other, shoot 10 free throws.

Try to shoot at least 50 a day.

Free throws should be unique to each individual and be very regimented.

The same routine should be used every shoot.

Bounce the ball once, twice or three times or not at all before taking the shot but make sure it the same way each time.

Hands should be placed on the ball in exactly the same place and keep the movement to the starting point to a bear minimum.

Get a good knee bend and power the shot with the legs.

Co-ordinate the movement of the legs with the movement of the arms and have good consistent wrist action.

Come up onto your toes and hold the follow through until the ball is through the net.

Take your time concentrate and take every shot.

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Free throws when changing drills.ShootingBasketball Drills Coaching