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Split all your players into two teams and have them line up on opposite sides of the court.

2 basketballs are placed at mid-court.

Each player is given a number (eg. 1-5).

The coach will set out a basket that each team will shoot at.

The coach will call out a number.

When the number is called out, the corresponding number will run out to get the ball, dribble to the basket and keep shooting till the shot is made.

Once the shot is made the players will run after the ball and dribble it back to the center circle.

The first player to score and get the ball back to the center circle wins.

Coaching points

Tendency is to rush the shot when it becomes a competition.

Don't allow the basket if the shot has not been taken with the correct form.


Call 2 numbers. In this variation of the game no dribbling is allowed, the players have to pass between each other until they get to the basket.

Both players must make a basket, then both players must run back to the centre circle.

First group that gets back wins and gets a point for their team.

First team to 5 points.


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