4 V 2 Rotation

category: Possession

Four players are placed in a grid with two defender. The four attacking players aim is to keep possesion as long as possible.

The player who...

Clear The Decks

category: Defending

The object of this game is for the players in possesion of the ball to clear the ball into the area on the opposite side. The opposing players have...

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Community Drills

4v2 with 1 switching

team of 4 must make 5 passes under pressure then look to transfer possesion to the team mate in the other area and play a 4v2 again with 1 player rema...

Basicos y posesion

basico de rombo izq y derecha básico de V a dos toque con pared conducion variante con apoyo y lanza al punta q hace una pared y conduce has...