3 Style Shooting

category: Shooting

Set up 3 cones (or poles) spaced as shown in the diagram.

Have a mannequin positioned on either side of the middle, just before the penalty b...

Crossing And Finishing

category: Crossing-and-Finishing

Set up:

3 Attacking players from each team on each side of one half, taking it in turns.

If you have 2 GKs then have a GK for each team...

Passing Wide To Cross And Finish

category: Crossing-and-Finishing

Set up:

Cone off an area 2 areas: Width 44 yards length 20 yards one above the other. At each side of one area have an extra square of 5 yard...

Pull Back

category: Dribbling

Players run towards the cone and when they are about to go past the cone they pull back the ball with the sole of the boot and change direction to ...

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Community Drills

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Foot skills: Toe taps, side to side, triangles, scissors, step over/push/pull back

Dancing with the ball

All players have a ball in a circle formation - coach/trainer in the middle.10 different touch combinations,spending 2 min on each one:Tapping with in...


Cone Running Competition:Cones are place 15 yards apart.Players will dribble to the other cone and do an inside cut around the cone, once back to the ...

Drill1 (Technique) (20 mins)

Players in groups of three or four. Player with the ball, dribble at speed towards the second small cone. Player performs a turn and then dribble towa...