Drills: Underarm relay

Short catching relay Rounders
Short catching relay
1) rolls ball out a short distance. 2) runs in, underarm flicks to 1)
Catching relay Rounders
Catching relay
Player 1 rolls the ball out for 2 to run in and flicks the ba
Catching the high ball relay Rounders
Catching the high ball rel
In groups of 4 with one ball. One player throws the ball up for the fr
gathering the bounce ball relay Rounders
gathering the bounce ball
in groups of 4 with one ball. One player is the feeder and throws a bo
Under arm relay Rounders
Under arm relay
For this practice the players need to be in groups of 4 / 5 with one b
Under arm flick group race, angled throw. Rounders
Under arm flick group race
2) rolls the ball out, 1) underarm flicks to 3) then takes up 2)s posi
All the Way Across the field Rounders
All the Way Across the fie
Teams of 4 try and throw the ball across a pitch as quickly a
Varying distance Rounders
Varying distance
In pairs 1 ball between them Set out the v
Fielding Rounders
Catching and throwing the ball on while standing on a rocker board.
Bench Rounders
In 2s Worker on the bench Feeder sends the ball and worker has to
Catching drill Rounders
Catching drill
Partners stand opposite each other and throw a ball back and
Chase Ball Rounders
Chase Ball
2 Teams, 2 Balls. One of the teams starts throwing the ball to each o
Advanced catch ball rotation Rounders
Advanced catch ball rotati
The 2nd player in the line throws a high ball over the head o
Race to the post Rounders
Race to the post
The minimum players required for this practice is 5 4 cones or posts a
Pick up static ball Rounders
Pick up static ball
Pick up a static ball and running posts Slow motion then full speed to
Machine gun fire Rounders
Machine gun fire
Feeder places 5 or 6 balls on the floor for the worker to cat
Ground Fielding Rounders
Ground Fielding
Long barrier Team A must roll the ball past team B to score a point (g
Reaction Take for Fielders Rounders
Reaction Take for Fielders
Feeder holds 2 different colour balls (calls out a 1 colour or both) f
big circle Rounders
big circle
This is to improve players medium to long range throwing and
Bench 2 Rounders
Bench 2
In 3s. Worker on the bench Feeder sends the ball and worker has
3 ball round the clock Rounders
3 ball round the clock
5 players 3 balls. 4 players stand round t
Round the clock Rounders
Round the clock
5 players 4 balls. Player in the middle receives the ball from one of
team gather and return drill Rounders
team gather and return dri
1 feeder in the batting square with 1 ball. p&g
Catching to the side Rounders
Catching to the side
in Pairs players throwing the ball to the outside of each other. Makin
run fetch and throw Rounders
run fetch and throw
This is a hit throw and follow exercise. O
Backing up the post Rounders
Backing up the post
Players work in groups of four. With one f
pick up rolling ball Rounders
pick up rolling ball
In 3’s. 2 feeders and one worker. Feeder one feeds