Drill Categories


Catching A Bad Pass

category: Passing

Working in pairs with 1 ball.

Players pass the ball between them -one player is passing accurately and the other is throwing balls slightl...

Catching On The Move

category: Ball-skills

Set up 4 cones in a square, 3m apart

3 players start on different corners (leaving the top right corner free).

The player at the bottom...

Competing For The Ball

category: Interception

The feeder starts the drill by throwing the ball up for both players to compete for and try to gain control of the ball.

Repeat and rotate r...



Community Drills

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Frisbee Island2 TeamsScore by throwing disc into opposing teams space.Thrower is out IF:lands outside boundary.lands in the middle third.dangerou...

Single third ball movement

Concentrate on: - Passes - Timing Leads - Throwing in front - Cautious of linesPut a floating defence in court space