Machine Gun Fire

category: Ground-Fielding

Set Up: 1 feeder, 1 worker, 6 rounders balls, cones, mat. The Drill: Players work in twos and start with the feeder kneeling on the mat facing the 6 b...

Long Barrier

category: Skills

In pairs rolling the ball across the ground to each other. Players should use the barrier to gather the ball.

Back Stop Reaction Drill

category: Back-Stop

Set Up: 4 players - bowler, batter, back stop, and 1st post. Rounders balls, post, cones. The Drill: Bowler bowls the ball to the batter (batting with...

Team Juggle

category: Throwing-Catching

Set up in teams of 6.Players stand diagonally opposite each other about 2 metres apart. The area that the players are working in should be approx 25 m...

Web Videos

Rounders - poker scene

A young man (Matt Damon) is a reformed gambler who must return to playing big stakes poker to help a friend (Edward Norton) pay off loan sharks. This ...