Improving Throwing - Speed Fielding

In this session we take a look at ways you can improve your players' throwing technique and catching consistency in this easy to follow and simple to coach session.

A lot of the time when throwing and catching players lack confidence and players can be nervous about catching high or fast balls.

To help your players overcome this fear the best remedy is practice which is we've created this complete coaching session - designed to help players throw over distance, work on their underarm bowling technique and consistently catch with both hands!

Did you know rounders dates from Tudor times (1485-1603), originated in Ireland and was formalised in 1884? If you did well done, if not then now you do!

This session opens with every player working with one ball each and then progresses into a pairs catching drill which can easily be adjusted for players of varying abilities. We then finish with a fast and frantic throwing game to find out which team is the best fielding-machine!

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