Boost your bowlers - Better Bowling Session

This Sportplan session focuses on your players' bowling technique - getting them to work on their fast draw to swing and release good balls, to test the opposition's batter with their underarm bowls!

Every player should have a basic knowledge of bowling - they don't have to be the fastest bowler in the West but they should all be able to bowl a good ball.

A good ball should reach the batsman between knee and the top of their head, otherwise it will be classed as a no ball, also known as a bad ball.

According to the UK National Rounders Association "You gain 1/2 a rounder for 2 no balls in a row and the batter can get more if the bowler continues to bowl no balls" so there's a clear incentive to get the technique right!

To get all your players practising their bowling we open with a couple of small group drills to give everyone lots of bowling practice. To make sure everyone is working hard and improving their technique you can challenge your more confident players to experiment with speedy bowls and putting spin on the ball!

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