Fielding Catch Drill

category: Ground-Fielding

Two lines of players facing each other. Player 1 rolls the ball along the ground for player 2 to run and do an underarm flick back to player 1 who cat...

Backing Up The Post

category: Ground-Fielding

Players work in groups of four. With one feeder and one fielder stood on a post, with another two players backing up behind the post player, in a tria...

Ground Fielding

category: Ground-Fielding

Long barrier Team A must roll the ball past team B to score a point (goal) and vice versa.

Beat The Ball

category: Ground-Fielding

For this practice you need 8 players per group. Set out 4 cone in a square about 5 metres apart. Set out 2 flags a further 5 - 10 metres away from the...


category: Ground-Fielding

Aim - to encourage lateral movement Work in threes. Start with a ball on every cone. The worker starts at the bucket (middle) and works laterally to e...

4 Ball Rounders

category: Ground-Fielding

1 player hits 4 balls anywhere into the field. Once the batter has hit all the balls they run around all 4 posts as many times as possible, before the...

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